Jimmy D Long, Jr.


Jimmy D. Long, Jr., J.D., advises individuals, families, and business owners in financial, tax, retirement, estate planning, and family matters. In a career spanning over 30 years, Jimmy has counseled hundreds of families, seen them through good times and bad, stood by them when things got tough, and helped them find and implement carefully informed and innovative strategies and opportunities to improve their lives, their finances, their businesses, and most importantly their families and futures.

Growing up the son of small business owner parents, and working after school in the family business, Jimmy learned the lessons of responsibility, self reliance, and devotion to family early in life. Jimmy and his wife Mary now have their own businesses and are raising their own children with the same values.

Jimmy has always had a strong commitment to public service and community involvement. He has volunteered countless hours of his time to serve as an officer or board member for numerous local organizations including the Chamber of Commerce, Council on Aging, Jaycees, Kiwanis, his church board, and many others.

Jimmy served from 1992 to 2017 as an Assistant District Attorney for the 10 th Judicial District, including service as First Assistant District Attorney. His 25 years of public service as a prosecutor were often a great sacrifice to his family and private practice. But, Jimmy believes that everyone should at some point in life make some sacrifice for their community and their fellow man. For over a quarter century, Jimmy helped to make our community safer, for his own wife and children and for thousands of other families in our community who slept soundly never knowing of the threats and dangers that are averted every day by people like Jimmy working to protect us all.

Jimmy understands that life, business, money, and family are interconnected. That’s why his unique, interdisciplinary, team planning approach has stood the test of time and distinguished him as a visionary leader in a sea of look alike, cookie cutter advisors, all vying for attention, and all falling short of the cohesive, holistic, focused results that their clients yearn for.

Every team needs a leader, a quarterback if you will, someone who can stand tall and survey the field, assess the challenge, and call the right play. That’s the value proposition that Jimmy brings, along with his carefully assembled team of legal, tax, and wealth management experts. Working with his team, Jimmy supervises and coordinates all aspects of the planning engagement and ensures that all advisors involved are focused on the needs of the client, and not their own agendas.


Jimmy’s specialties run the gamut of sophisticated business, tax, and financial strategies, including business and personal income tax planning, tax free retirement planning, tax free capital gains tax planning, tax free estate plans, asset protection, long term care planning, real estate sales and exchanges, selling a business or passing it to the next generation without tax or loss of control issues, and advising on family dynamics issues such as planning for minor children or adult heirs who may not be responsible enough to handle assets, balancing inheritances between family members, treating children fairly especially if one works in the family business, and of course preventing and managing family disputes.

Jimmy is a 1986 graduate of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, and a 1990 graduate of the Loyola University College of Law in New Orleans. He passed the Louisiana bar exam in 1990 and was admitted to practice before the Louisiana Supreme Court and all inferior courts, as well as the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States District Courts for the Eastern, Western, and Middle Districts of Louisiana, as well as the United States Supreme Court. He is Board Certified in Estate Planning and Administration by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization, and holds a life, health, and accident insurance license, as well as a Series 65 Investment Advisor Representative license.

Jimmy and his wife Mary live and have raised their three daughters in their hometown of Natchitoches, Louisiana.